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Please refer PPA starting from 01 Nov 2021.


The Certificate of Accreditation is an official acknowledgement that the certificate, diploma or degree awarded to graduates achieves the quality standards and criteria set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is in line with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF).

Approval – written permission issued by the Minister of the Ministry of Education Malaysia to enable PPT to conduct a program of study. Approval must be obtained before PPT is allowed to conduct the programme of study. However, this approval does not mean that a single programme has been accredited by MQA or has been recognized by the Public Service Department (JPA).

Accreditation – a certificate that a certificate, diploma or degree awarded by an institution of higher learning has reached the standard of quality.

Recognition – acceptance of a qualification by certain parties for a specific purpose. For example, government recognition through JPA is a requirement to be considered serving in the public sector. For information, JPA will only recognize study programmes that have been accredited by MQA for the purpose of serving the government.

Full accreditation – an official certificate to PPT that the certificate, diploma or degree to be awarded to the graduate is in accordance with the standards set by MQA.

Temporary accreditation – the initial phase of assessment which aims to assist and facilitate the institution of higher learning to obtain accreditation for the program of study to be offered provided that it improves the quality and standards set during the temporary accreditation assessment.

The MQA accreditation certificate for a single study and qualification program covers the cohort of students who graduated during the validity period of the accreditation given. If the student graduated outside the period, then the programme of study and the qualifications obtained are not certified by MQA.

Starting in 2019, APPA was held in UPSI to respond to the recommendations from MQA in implementing the continuous quality improvement process (CQI) on the academic programs of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels in UPSI.

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