We promise and are commited to providing efficient, profesional, ethical, and customer-friendly services to our clients as follows:


  1. Counter services for all matters will be attended to within five (5) minutes.
  2. Conduct Quality Audits at least once (1) a year.
  3. Ensure 85% of Departments/Organizations take action based on Quality Audit findings within thirty (30) days from the Audit Closing Meeting date.
  4. Conduct Quality Management Review Meetings at least once (1) a year.
  5. Provide quality-related guidance and training to staff at least six (6) times a year.
  6. Ensure 100% of Departments/Organizations participate in the UPSI Staff Satisfaction Survey (U3S).
  7. Feedback to complainants must be provided within one (1) working day to inform them that their complaints have been noted and will be resolved.